Eine der neuesten Innovationen und obendrein eine kosteneffiziente dazu um eine Digital-Signage-Lösung einzurichten, ist die System on Chip (SoC) -Technologie. Um SoC-Player in Ihrem Netzwerk zu unterstützen haben wir native Anwendungen direkt mit den Herstellern entwickelt, der PADS4 SoC-Viewer unterstützt diese Technologien.
Die SoC Plattform basiert auf HTML5 und Android™.

To include SoC players into your PADS4 network we have developed a native PADS4 SoC Viewer, dedicated to the embedded players of the following SoC platforms:

Panasonic OpenPort Platform™
Samsung SSSP

  • ELO
  • Philips


A built-in version control mechanism in PADS4 will automatically distribute the current release to all SoC devices. Similar to the PADS4 HTML5 Viewers the biggest benefit of the native PADS4 SoC Viewer is that content will continue to play in case of a network failure. Our PADS4 software offers continuity of content after a power failure. As soon the power is back on, the SoC players will automatically start the PADS4 Viewers, displaying scheduled content and data, retrieved from the cache. Also, network traffic will be minimized by local storage of content with the NDS local storage API.

The native PADS4 SoC Viewer for these SoC players is included in our standard PADS4 out-of-the-box software package.

Check the following overview to see what our PADS4 SoC Viewers have to offer: