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Nach der Installation müssen Sie den PADS4 Software aktivieren, dies machen Sie bitte mit Hilfe des PADS4 Lizenzassistenten . Diese Anwendung kann im Windows-Startmenü unter Alle Programme, PADS4, Konfiguration gefunden werden.



Office 2016 Treiber fehlen


Pads provides an error when I use an excel dataprovider on a pc which has Office 2016 installed.


Install a version of PADS higher than 4.6.5877 and install the driver OLEDB v15


You can check in the register to see whether if the Registry key exists.


Installing 64bit Office driver for pads 4.5 and higher

When PADS4 release 5 and higher is installed onto a 64 bit machine, Microsoft Office 64bit drivers are required to use MS-Excel and MS-Access dataproviders.

Location of the 64bit drivers for Microsoft Office:

If the system already has Microsoft Office 32bit installed, running the 64bit driver installation will not work and generate a message that this is not allowed.


Launching the install of a Microsoft ACE OLEDB Provider on a machine with an Office install other than the current one (e.g. 32 on 64) will cause the install to fail. To have it run properly you need to launch it from a command line with the “/passive” argument specified.

$> AccessDatabaseEngine_X64.exe /passive